This is amazing. Ok. Here’s your assignment. It literally takes 2 minutes.

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Sometimes a repost is the best way to prove a point

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“This is amazing. Ok. Here’s your assignment. It literally takes 2 minutes.”

1. Grab your most recent photo album. I know many of us feel very behind on getting pictures into an album let alone creating a book. Doesn’t matter. Just get the most recent one you can find.

2. Put it on your kitchen island or kitchen table or coffee table. Doesn’t matter as long as it’s a highly trafficked common area in your home.

3. Open it. (This is an important step)

4. Leave it there. Assignment completed.

5. Wait. Don’t point it out. Just. Wait.

What will happen soon is miraculous. Your people will LOOK at the album! They won’t even necessarily realize they’re doing it.

They will literally stop, look, turn pages, chuckle, groan, and even possibly start a conversation. Amazeballs!! I know this because I’ve conducted a thorough and very scientific study with profound results. I had data and charts and correlation tables…but my dog ate them. It’s ok. You will see for yourself.

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Now this is not meant to be a guilt trip that you are too behind and you’d better start churning out photo albums. This assignment is to validate that there was a reason that you chose to print *gasp* those images.  You wanted to have a nice memory to relive down the road. “Down the road” is now, people.

Sometimes our desire to keep things tidy – and boy do I feel the weight of that challenge – prevents us from enjoying these memories because our albums never make it off the shelf. I figure, though, that leaving a book out for a few days now and then doesn’t make my home exponentially messy.

So, try it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Pro Tip #1. If you have kids, they would probably rather see pictures of themselves rather than you as a youngster.

Pro Tip #2. Don’t leave the same book out too long. Then it just becomes something commonplace in your home and gets easy to overlook.

Fast Forward 5 years. Did it work??

Heck, yeah!


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