I am Susan Jamison.  Welcome to my portrait photography world. I have enjoyed photography my whole life . . . ok, not really.
I have loved art and portraiture my whole life. In college, my art passion was fueled through pencils, charcoal, and oils. I was introduced to creative photography there as well. I began to explore the camera more when I found myself with little time to paint or draw and I absolutely love it as a creative outlet. I adore capturing images that make me smile at my screen when I’m working.



I am blessed to have many photos of myself and my family as I was growing up. They put vision with the memories of our family adventures and special times. I cherish those photos of me in front of the house that my mom made me take on the 1st day of school and of my brother and sister and me with Pink Panther t-shirts on at Six Flags.
Parents, keep on taking those pictures. Your kids will thank you for it down the road. Thanks, Mom! (See?)
But, when you want those special times captured in a way that you’ll want to display artfully around your home or set in a special album or sent to family and friends…call me.
We will work together to capture your moments in time to be enjoyed and shared for years to come. And the bonus is that we’ll have fun doing it.