Hello Joel!

Woodbury High School’s Joel Castro is up next for a Class of 2020 Focus Senior Send Off.

It is so cool being a local photographer!  Sometimes you meet people (again) and this was one such example. Alejandro and my oldest son were classmates in elementary school. Changes in schools and activities over the years meant losing touch and even though he obviously has changed so much, I could recognize this Red Rocker all grown up.

As you can see by the moody oranges and leaf covered paths in his portraits, Alejandro’s session was late in the senior season last year. In fact, we had to sneak in just a short session rather than a full senior session in order to get his yearbook image submitted by deadline day. But, I think we did alright in just 20 minutes…even if it was a bit chilly!

Best wishes to you, Joel!

All the best to you as you close in on these last few months of your high school years. Be well and I wish you great success is whatever you decide to tackle next! 

~ Susan

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Focus Senior Send Off

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