Hello Hunter!

Hunter of East Ridge High School is up first as I begin to give a final shout out to my Class of 2020 high school seniors in the focus senior send offs. 

I enjoyed spending the afternoon with Hunter and his mom in Hudson last summer. He chose great clothing options and (he may roll his eyes when he reads this since I said it a FEW times during his session)…I present him with the 1st Annual Best Shoes award. He was looking pretty sharp💥

Hunter rocked the natural look even though we stuck with knee-saving poses. And I know that I say this alot, but it’s true alot…I really enjoy senior boy sessions when mom is along. Gives a boy mom like me one more thing to look forward to!

Best wishes to you, Hunter!

All the best to you as you close in on these last few months of high school. I hope they have been full of great memories. I look forward to hearing what you’ll be up to next.

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Focus Senior Send Off

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