So I was pretty excited for this senior session.  I had done Roane’s  brother’s senior portraits two years ago.  Having two boys myself (also 2 years apart), I was really excited to find those brother similarities and differences.  I’d say the two of them are both pretty cool cats. I should do a combined blog sometime. But, today is all about Roane so let’s get started!

Roane, it was a pleasure getting to know you outside of the karate realm.  Best of luck to you in these final months of your senior year of high school!   

Loved the adventurousness of this mom/son duo. We spent our time in the St. Anthony Falls area of Minneapolis. We hiked and explored both sides of the bridge and even captured some of their family’s martial arts profession. Seeing 2nd & 4th degree black belts interact is so interesting and makes one feel quite safe! I’d love to show you some of the mom/son martial arts images, but like I said…today is all about Roane!

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