Hello Luke!

Luke is our next Class of 2019 focus senior send off. This very personable and handsome young man attends Concordia Academy in Roseville with interests in drama, cross-country running, and band.

Luke and his parents joined me in and around Stillwater last year for his late-fall senior portraits, made possible due to a later yearbook deadline. Loved that! His great wardrobe choices and the fact that he really enjoys nature helped to add to the feel of his rugged, outdoorsy, fall portraits. 

It was very enjoyable getting to know Luke and his parents as we strolled a bit. Our families both enjoy hiking and camping and it is always nice to compare favorite locations and hear when others have enjoyed similar places. 

Best wishes to you, Luke!

All the best to you as you close in on these last few months of high school. I hope they have been full of great memories. I look forward to hearing what you’ll be up to next.

“May you have auspiciousness and causes of success. May you have the confidence to always do your best

– Jason Mraz

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Focus Senior Send Off

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