A couple of the A, B, C’s for an on-location photographer in Minnesota…..”S” = Summertime Seniortime. “F” = Falltime Familytime.

Summertime Seniortime

There are certainly exceptions to this, but it seems to hold fairly true. Seventeen and Eighteen year olds tend to dominate the photography calendar for June, July & August as they dip their toes into their new title of High School Senior. Being a high school senior is a busy time, I’m told. And I believe it. Why not get one of the more fun check marks placed while the weather is warm, the flowers and grasses are high, and the summer has slowed down if only a little? Never mind that seniors typically need to have their yearbook picture submitted by early November.

Girl Senior Portraits Wildflowers | Contact Susan Jamison Summertime Seniortime Falltime Familytime

Focus Photography by Susan | Woodbury MN Photographer Summer Senior Portraits Summertime Seniortime Falltime Familytime

And fall. Oh, my. Fall. Autumn in Minnesota? It’s just the best!

Falltime Familytime

If summertime is loaded with high school seniors, the fall here is usually dominated with families and children soaking up all of the vibrance of our Minnesota autumn. September through mid-November (if we’re lucky) are some of the most beautiful months in Minnesota if you ask me. Families often use this time as their chosen time to document their family as it is right now. Often it’s a “two birds with one stone” goal since many people who have portraits taken in the fall also use them to wish friends and family well at the holidays.

Family Fall Portraits Children Photographer | Contact Susan Jamison Summertime Seniortime Falltime Familytime

Fall MN Photographer Summertime Seniortime Falltime Familytime | Focus Photography by Susan

Senior season is in full swing here at Focus Photography by Susan. I am enjoying getting to know this year’s group of in-coming seniors at Woodbury area high schools. As fall approaches, I also look forward to the swing toward families and children. September & October calendars are now open for seniors, families, and children. I look forward to meeting you!

~ S

* Area seniors – don’t forget that yearbook deadlines are typically early November. Your senior session with Focus Photography by Susan would need to be completed by October 15th in order to finish edits and choose by your deadlines. Enjoy these fleeting days of summer, friends!