Don’t get mad.  I am VERY aware that autumn just began and I, too, grumble (not so silently) when I begin to see Christmas decorations in stores when we haven’t even reached October.  However, it’s just poor planning on my part if I don’t take this opportunity to remind all of you that within your online gallery shopping store are….you guessed it….greeting card options!  And lots of other products also.


Now, I also love designing and I am very happy to create a one-of-a-kind card….be it a birthday, holiday, or graduation card (See below!).  BUT, if you are crunched for time or are not planning to purchase the image rights for your session, take a few minutes to browse the designs that are available to you right from your gallery.  In most cases, pricing from the online store are a bit more expensive than ordering directly through me.  Greeting cards are one exception!  You’ll find the pricing very similar to other online greeting card printers.


It should be very straight forward to explore your options through your gallery, but always feel free to contact me with any questions or if you’d like to “step-it-up” with an original design!

Oh, and some of the other products available in your gallery’s shop?  Canvases, stickers, mouse pads, 6×6 ceramic tiles, mugs, photo puzzles, coasters, magnets, mosaics, buttons, and more.  Um, great Christmas gift ideas!


Peace and Jingle Bells (sorry, couldn’t resist),

~ Susan

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