One compliment that I have come to covet in this business goes something like this.  “You really captured his/her personality!”  I’m always so pleased when I read that about sneak peeks that I post on my Facebook page (Focus Photography by Susan).  Besides providing a quality image, I’m not sure there’s a higher compliment  because I feel like that’s pretty much what senior portraits should be about.  Who IS that young lady or young man RIGHT NOW?

This 2015 senior guy had specific ideas about his senior portraits – things he knew he wouldn’t care for and things that he definitely wanted to be sure to capture.  I find this to be true with most high school seniors these days.  And I think it’s great!  Sure makes my job easier, and fun, too.


Parents, remember how we just showed up and chose indoor vs. outdoor….or both if you were super lucky?  I guess it’s the digital age that helps us out there, giving us the flexibility to try a bunch of things and be creative.  So, we incorporated his desire for an urban setting with his other personal interests, including gaming, classic film and comic book super heroes.



On that note and BEFORE you scroll to the bottom.  Which Marvel hero would you say he resembles?

…OK, now go check to see if you were right.




Were you right?



For you High School Juniors out there….it’s not too early to be thinking about your big year next year.  I’d love to meet you and hear how you will express your individuality as you get nearer to the next and exciting life phase!  Visit my Contact page and let’s start talking!

~ Susan